Friday, December 5, 2014

Holiday Fibs

Mommy, how does Santa make all of the toys for every single boy and girl every Christmas?  A question posed by my four-year-old son that really got me thinking.  Not thinking in regards to how the man in the big red suit makes all of those toys, but the real big question as his mom: Is it okay to fib to him about such a fictional character? 

I grew up believing in Santa.  And with Santa came believing in the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, and heck, even leprechauns named Lucky at the end of rainbows wallowing in their pots-o-gold.  Each holiday that passed, these fictional characters grew my imagination day by day.
I would pry my teeth out before their time; I wanted that silver dollar the Tooth Fairy would bring.  And oh, those malted eggs, fake green grass that would surround my chocolate goodies, and always the stuffed new friend I would name “Bunny”.  Can’t forget the schooldays when Lucky would arrive when my classmates and I were out to recess and destroy our classroom, leaving gold coins and rainbows as his mark that he was there.  But my most favorite was that jolly old guy named Saint Nick.  I couldn’t wait to stand in line, for what seemed like eternity at our local mall, to see that jolly fellow.  I had my list in hand ready to blurt out my wishes to him in under the two minutes I had on his lap.  As I smiled for the camera, I knew my time was over with the Big Man.  Then as I’d slide off his leg, I’d patiently wait for my reindeer coloring book and candy cane Mrs. Clause would hand me.  As I re-joined my mom next to the elf’s workshop, I grasped her hand with such excitement!  But my excitement was fleeting when Mom asked me if Santa questioned if I’d been a good girl or not; I knew my toys may have a slight downtime in arriving underneath my tree after that question was posed.

As I look back now on what my childhood fantasies were, I know that they were rather innocent.  So innocent in fact, I want to continue those fantasies for my own children; despite the fibs I may be filling their little heads with. 

I can’t imagine a childhood without the make believe of such characters; where they wake up Christmas, Easter, or even on the morning of losing their first tooth to a blank slate.  Oh, what a disappointment to that poor child.  But before you question what I’m truly teaching my children, don’t despair.  Even with the delusion of made up characters my
children may believe in, I put an emphasis on one thing: the true meaning of the season.  Whether it’s Santa or the Easter Bunny in our home, Jesus is the true reason; the candy and all its fluff are just bonuses.

If it’s candy canes brought by Santa’s elves, the green grass that inevitably gets caught in your vacuum rollers, the abundance of chocolate from Lucky, or even the limitless coins from the Tooth Fairy, know how much our children wait in anticipation for these particular mornings, just like we did growing up.  The only thing we change in our household is what we choose to leave for these fine characters.  I’m thinking this year, Santa’s in need of a cold one.  I’ll make sure he knows there’s a frosty mug in the freezer for him; he’s worked hard, real hard all year long!  But since I don’t condone drinking and driving, I’ll request he put up his feet for a bit too; the couch is real comfy at our house.

*Article first appeared in Idaho Family Magazine.

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