Tuesday, January 13, 2015

High Chair Battles

There are my boys.  Nothing odd about a picture of the two of them, but notice something?  Yeah, that's Dillon eating at the family table...not in a high chair!
After much struggle with this son of mine, I have decided to stop fighting him in this area.  Night after night, all meals rather, Dillon tries to maneuver his way out of his high chair.  After he sets himself free, he stands tall and proud as if he's just won a victory.  Each time I would gaze at his little body standing tall and proud in that high chair, my heart would beat extra hard.  He's come so close to toppling out onto the hard floor beneath him. 
So as you can tell by the smile on his face, this is where he'd rather be at meal time.  I'm happy with it too.  To say I get to rid my home of yet another baby item is exciting, well, yes it is.  But on the other hand, it's proof my baby isn't such a baby anymore, and that saddens me some.

While we're on the subject of this little guy: He.Is.Tough!  Enough said!  From the tantrums, to the crawling out of his bed in an attempt to riot nap-time, to the hitting Mom, Grandma, and Dad in the face when he doesn't get his way, to the shrieks that come from his lungs...just because, to the anything-that's-in-my-way-when-I'm-mad-gets-destroyed rages, to the undeniable defiance at times.  This boy is making me earn my title as MOM.  But then, he will ever-so-gently cuddle with me when it's time for bed.  He'll grab his blankie, crawl up on the couch next to me and want just me.  Or he'll stick out his fiery red tongue as he inches his way in for a kiss.  And even when it's time for dinner; if I've forgotten to pray before I start to eat...he'll bow his little head and cover his face with his chubby hands as my reminder to thank God for our food.  Oh, and can't forget his smooth dance moves whenever music is being played.
This boy is a mixture of sugar and spice!  It's funny to see his personality emerging and what he'll grow into.  For now, I'm enjoying the surprises he has in store for us daily.  There's surely no lack of excitement with him around.

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