Monday, January 12, 2015

Inversion's Benefits

This valley's inversion has really gotten me gloomy.  To combat the blues, Steve and I decided to head up to Bogus Basin and enjoy an afternoon of snowshoeing.  
As we made our trek up to the top of the mountain, we were greeted by thick, heavy fog.  So heavy in fact, the cars ahead of us disappeared into the thickness within feet of what our eyes could see.  As we made the bend towards the top, we entered into what I'd like to call, paradise.  The was blue sprinkled with soft fluffy clouds.  The was fresh smelling and thin as could be.  And the sun!  Oh, that little piece of heaven was shining so brightly, it immediately graced its presence on our faces that brought a smile from ear to ear.  It's amazing what the sun will do to your mood when it's been hiding for so long.  

Steve and I slapped our snowshoes on and made our way through the trails.  I even think we made some of our own!  The two hours tromping through the snow in the sun was just what we needed.

On our way home, we witnessed the perfect sunset over the blanket of clouds below in the valley.  I tried to get a picture, but the road down didn't allow a perfect enough spot to snap.  As we descended into the valley, the thick fog returned and we automatically felt the doom of the dreariness again.  But we were so thankful for the opportunity to experience the sun we did see.

Later that evening, we headed out to dinner together...yes, sushi of course...and all you can eat.  I swear, we visit our favorite joint more than anyone I know.  I do know they lose money on us when we walk through that door of theirs.  :)
After we rolled out of the restaurant, we headed home to enjoy a movie.  We chose Gone Girl with Ben Affleck.  The movie was full of surprise, suspense, and had us on the edge of our couch!  

Great day and evening spent with Steve.  Wonderful exercise, sunshine, food, conversation, and in the end, bedtime was well received.

Thank you Grandma Collie for keeping the boys so we could enjoy our fantastic alone're the greatest!

And just because I love them so much and they're so adorable...

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