Saturday, February 21, 2015

Day #2 and #3 and a Birthday Celebration

Day two and three of our journey was celebrated!  I placed a note of thankfulness on the bathroom counter of the family's house I clean for every other week:

I feel so grateful for the opportunity to provide for my family with the work I do.  I wanted to pass along my gratefulness to the family that gives me that ability.

Day three was planned for leaving a random note on someone's car.  The kids and I parked in the grocery store parking lot getting ready to head inside to do our shopping for the week.  Before I exited the car, I grabbed my post-it note and wrote a note to a random loved they were and hoped their day was wonderful.  The kids were so excited to make someone smile.  We chose the car and all piled out.  I placed the note on their window and grabbed my phone so I could take a picture.  Just then I hear, "Mom, Mom!  There's a lady coming!!"  I quickly threw my phone into my purse and gathered my crew.  I tried to pretend we were just walking into the store without being noticed by the owner of the car.  We all started laughing!  Of all of the cars in the parking lot...we chose that one where the owner came strolling along at just the exact time...what's the luck of that?  Despite almost being caught, we hope she felt loved.

I decided to do another act of kindness...I was in the mood.  :)  So while in the store, I gathered food for a neighbor of ours who just had a baby.  We bought her dinner and I had the girls drop it off on her porch:

On day two, we celebrated my birthday.  My wishes were for a Costco carrot cake.  I told Steve months before my special day I wanted a sheet cake.  Costco has the best carrot cake ever!  The day of my celebration we all headed to Costco.  There were no carrot cakes out on display.  I began to get nervous.  I asked a lady in the bakery department if they had any carrot cakes in the back.  She promptly told me they have discontinued the carrot cakes.  My brain shut off.  I almost fell to the floor.  And whatever she said after those devastating words I haven't a clue.  I was a wreck!  I had been looking forward to this cake on my hips for the past two months!  Steve called Kneaders and they had a carrot cake available for pickup in 20 minutes.  We left Costco and headed towards the light.  The birthday celebration ended up being perfect!  I was surrounded by my wonderful children, husband, and mother-in-law.  I couldn't have asked for a better birthday!


  1. Ang what wonderful acts of kindness! It's amazing how great it makes US feel too. Your writing is still hilarious! :)

    1. So true! It makes us feel just as good if not better to serve others. :)