Thursday, February 26, 2015

Days #7 and #8

Day #7 of our Lent journey was me lending my ear to a dear friend who needed someone to listen.  I usually am the talker; not one to sit quietly and just listen, but I did God's grace of course.  :)
I listened as she shared a very hurtful season in her life with me.  She emptied her heart of all emotions during our call.  I listened to her while she struggled with what to do now with what she is left with.  The pain my friend is going through, I have witnessed and felt in my own life.  My heart ached as she spoke of hurtful words said by others, harsh assumptions, and disloyalty that should never arise by such people.  I ended our conversation by telling her to continue to be the person she is; don't change to make someone else comfortable, she's exactly how she should be.  She is loving, kind, compassionate, and caring; all traits that when she gazes in the mirror should make her proud of who she is.  As I hung up the phone, I was at peace that my friend would find resolution to her problem.  Whether it take days, months, or even years, the resolution would happen.  And maybe not like the textbooks say it will; it might appear differently, but it will happen.

Day #8 has been the most inspiring day in our journey so far!
After I had my annual appointment with my obgyn, I headed over to St. Luke's hospital.  I headed straight for the gift shop.  I gazed around at the wonderful flowers, balloons, knick-knacks, and general pick-me-up items for the hospital guests.  I made a mental note of the balloon I wanted and asked the gal working the counter if she knew of a patient in this hospital that had no family visiting them.  She quickly stated she knows nothing about any of the patients.  Okay, well she was no help, guess I'll have to do the work myself!  I boarded the elevator and headed to the third floor - ICU.  As I stepped off the elevator, I saw several nurses pushing a bed with a man lying in it with a ventilator.  He appeared to be in a coma.  I quickly felt the heaviness in my heart for that man and his family.  I walked the floor until a nurse appeared.  I asked her if there was a patient on this floor that had no family or visitors since they've been admitted.  She quickly took me to her charge nurse and asked her.  "Yes, 313," she said.  I explained what I wanted to do and they both smiled and said absolutely, what an angel I was.  On my way to the elevator, I saw a small family in a tiny room.  The room was filled with so much pain, as they appeared to have received devastating news from the Dr. Oh how I wanted to sit with that family and cry with them, my heart was so heavy for them.  I boarded the elevator again and headed to the gift shop.  I handed the balloon I picked out to the gal behind the counter.  She promptly returned it inflated and said how wonderful my gesture was.  I arrived back on the third floor and walked my balloon to the nurse's station.  I placed it on the desk and walked out.  On my way out, I passed the charge nurse.  She touched her heart and smiled.

As I left the hospital, I prayed for that particular individual (I have no information on the patient).  I prayed that although they are indeed "all alone on this day," God is always with them.  I wanted the patient to know someone cared for them; someone is praying for them.  My heart aches knowing there is someone so alone in this world in such a desperate time in their life.  I have no idea if that patient will survive and make a recovery; they may have passed away that day.  But what I do know is God knows them personally.  He sees them and is watching over them.  May that patient know, if the time arises, there is someone that cares.

After I stopped crying, Steve and I headed to our favorite date place, next to sushi that is...Whole Foods.  Oh man, we spend way too much time in that joint let alone money!  We enjoyed a great lunch and relished in the opportunity to have a child-free conversation...thank you Grandma Collie.

Yesterday was an amazing day.  Although I felt much sadness, I closed the day by knowing this world is filled with so much just need to search a little.  It's filled with too many ups and downs, but that's what makes this journey of life so great.  Hopefully the ups and downs are ladened with God's promises and your faith in Him gets you through the most difficult times.

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