Monday, March 23, 2015

Camping in March?

Saturday Steve and I decided to load the trailer up and go camping.
Grandma Collie watched the boys for us overnight so we could enjoy the first trip of the season just husband and wife.
We headed up to Grime's Creek for our adventure.  Surprisingly, we saw others with the same idea in mind, but in tents vs trailers.  Oh boy, hope their sleeping bags were rated for severely cold weather.

When we arrived at our destination, I helped Steve set up the trailer.  After getting the beds set up, dinner prepped, and all of the smaller details wrapped up, we set out in the Rhino in search for firewood.  
We came back to camp and built a nice fire.  While the fire was getting under way, we enjoyed dinner together.  After dinner it was marshmallow time!  Roasting marshmallows never gets old, even as an adult.
We headed into the trailer for the night; it was getting really chilly.  We watched Office Space; a movie I had yet to see...I know, I know...funny movie by the way!

The next morning we made breakfast, chatted over percolated coffee, and got ready to head back home.  

It was a wonderful date night for the two of us...thank you Grandma Collie!

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