Friday, March 13, 2015

Days #17 - #21

Day #17... was a gift of surprise.  I let me re-phrase that.. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE note cards.  I love the fact of handwritten letters and notes.  Although they are very scarce these days, I am doing my part to keep them from extinction.  I found these adorable cards at Target in the $1.00 bin, yes, only $1.00!  I decided to write a little note to my friend who lives too far away from me.  I wanted her to know that I was thinking of her despite our miles.  I hope it brought a smile to her face.  

Day #18 I stepped out of my comfort zone and invited someone to church.  I am very happy and content in my religion and I don't like to push my beliefs onto others unless they ask.  We're all very personal when it comes to our relationship with Jesus and to step on someone's toes by sharing our faith that may offend another being is just not my style.  I know, perhaps I should be more bold in my faith, but I'm just not there yet...I'm getting there...I promise. :)  I prefer to shine His light everyday and have others ask me why I am the way I am...then I'm more apt share.  I stepped out of my zone by inviting a complete stranger to Good Friday service and Easter Sunday service at our church.  This individual received the card handed to them by me and smiled.  She simply said, thank you, I appreciate you.  I do hope she can attend.  And I do hope the message from Pastor Steve resonates with her regarding Jesus and through His death on the cross we are set free.  I hope.  And I pray.

Day #19 I remember as a child walking into the grocery store and seeing those yellow, red, and sometimes green vending machines.  They were filled with all kinds of cheap junk that never appeared like advertised on the outside of the machine.  I would always beg my mom to spare a quarter for that diamond or ruby ring that I could adjust to my little pudgy fingers.  Most times I was victorious in my imploring motives and I'd score that ring that would turn my finger green the minute I washed my hands.  But ooh did it ever feel so good to plop that quarter into the machine, hear the magical clicks as the quarter spun around; being careful to make a full turn, then watch as the item fell into the shoot and into my palms!  There were also times Mom would say she didn't have any spare change; I would pout.  Fast forward 30 plus years.  I wanted to give another little boy or girl that same magic I experienced.  So I placed two quarters on the top of the machine.  I hope that child who finds those coins squeals in delight as they turn that silver knob in anticipation of their new surprise!

Day #20 I surprised our mailman with a sweet treat.  As grumpy as he is, I still appreciate all he does for us and the thousand other homes he serves daily.  I left him a very gracious thank you card as well as a package of Cadbury eggs as a small "I-notice-and-appreciate-what-you-do," treat.
When I remembered to take a picture of his gift I placed in the mailbox, it was too late...he had already left with his chocolate!

Day #21 My mother-in-law and I purchased over 40 coloring books and crayons for the pediatric unit of our local hospital: St. Luke's.  Our donation will go to the sick children when they're admitted.  To know the books and crayons will bring a smile to their faces...oh what a glorious moment!  I couldn't imagine having to stay at the hospital with any of my children due to an illness or disease.  I am thankful everyday for their health.  I am pictured with Miranda, the donation coordinator.  The wall behind us was hand painted by a lady who volunteered her time and talent.  The wall extends about another eight to ten feet on both sides of us pictured.  The painting sure brings a ray of sunshine to that particular part of the hospital.

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