Thursday, March 19, 2015

Days #22 - #25

Day #22- I decided to spark conversation with someone I normally would just smile at and move about my day.  While doing my weekly grocery shopping, I see the same employee: older gentleman in the bulk section; stocking the bins.  As I loaded my cart with the bulk foods I needed, I asked him how his day was going.  He said, "Thanks for asking young lady.  Better question, how's your day?"  After I replied it was fantastic, he carried on by saying his was going great!  He carried on by telling me how his day was going to get even better because he's taking his wife of 46 years to dinner for their anniversary...Lock Stock and Barrel...her favorite.  I congratulated him on 46 years and told him to bring her some flowers on his way home from work...she's really love that.  He said he beat me to it...he had flowers delivered to her at home while he was at work.
Wow, that made my day I tell ya'!  Here I would just smile and move on about my day, but this day I was nudged to engage.  And when I engaged in another human being, not only did his smile increase, but mine did too.

Day #23- My sweet friend of over 15 years is battling pancreatic cancer.  She is now on hospice in the comfort of her home surrounded by family and an abundance of amazing friends.  I paid her a visit and brought her family dinner.  I also brought Dillon along with me, so my visit was short, but oh so sweet.  I sat on the edge of her bed as I listened to her joyful spirit, her contagious laugh, and watched as she never lost her smile throughout our visit.  I held her hand and prayed with her.  And I even cried...knowing she's nearing her time on this earth.  What I learned from this visit, just as I have every time we have met along our 15 year journey, is her joy for life despite her circumstances.  She's a lover as well as a fighter.  I sometimes wonder if I'd be as joyous knowing I was going to die; leaving my family behind.  I also wonder if my faith would be as strong as hers, knowing He could change my situation, but isn't.  I sit here and say I would be.  I hope I would be.  But all I have to do is look at my friend and know for certainty I would live my last days like her...full of joy, laughter, and praise for Him.  There's so much to learn from one another here on this earth.  But when you have death staring you down, somehow that takes learning to a whole new level.  A level of awareness.  I'm more aware of how He is so good, regardless of the sorrow that's unfolding.  For we all know my dear friend will be with Him soon, and that awareness is simply joyous.

Day #24- I took Lucas to his gymnastic class the other day.  While he went into the room and tumbled, flipped, and ran, I sat outside the big windows and watched how amazing my little boy is.  While gazing at his every move, I heard two women sitting nearby (their daughters are in his class) talking to one another.  Their talk quickly turned to gossip about another mom.  
"Clearly so-and-so's child has autism.  I'm sure it's only a low spectrum, but come on, he's got some issues.  And you can tell he's a daycare kid too; since the age of six weeks I'm sure.  And his can she work outside the home knowing he's obviously struggling with his emotions every single day. She needs to be at home with him.  Some moms...."

I about barfed in my lap!  I really couldn't believe my ears!  And their conversation switched to a boy in their children's class:  "Joey" was a brat.  "Joey" needs constant attention.  If "Joey's" mom was more attentive to his needs, he wouldn't be so needy.
Their negative gossip ensued between each other for the next twenty minutes.  As I listened, I silently prayed for them.  I prayed He would soften their hearts.  I prayed for the child with possible autism, his mom, and for "Joey" and his mom too.  I prayed for their protection from these awful, hurtful words being spoken about them that may or may not have been true.  Regardless of the truth, what these moms were doing was heart wrenching.  After I concluded my silent prayer, I asked God to watch my own mouth; guard my own heart from ever speaking so foully of another.  
As I wanted so desperately to get up and walk out of the room to escape their destructive talk, I waited for a pause in their words.  I turned to them and asked which girls belonged to them.  I smiled as I looked for them in the crowd of tumbling girls (Lucas is the only boy in the class) and said how adorable they were in their leotards.  I began small talk with them.  You know, how old their girls were, if there were other siblings in their family, what school the girls went to, an so on.  As I listened to these women talk and beam about their own children, I knew for a moment the boy with the possible learning disability and his mom as well as "Joey" as his mom were safe; not being spoken poorly of.  My hope was to divert their speech onto something more positive.  I was successful.  At least for the time being.  :)

Day #25- I sent another encouraging text to a friend.  She has been struggling with some personal issues and God has brought her through the storm.  I am so happy for her.  I am so elated she weathered this storm and chose to have Jesus by her side throughout this rough season of life.


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    1. Thank you. It's amazing how great you feel when you just "do the right things."