Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Days #26 - #33

Day 26 I called someone I loved.  Since I love a lot of people, it was hard for me to choose.  :)
I chose my husband.  I love him and wanted him to know.  What better way than through an actual phone call?  I enjoyed listening to his voice.  It made my day complete and I hope he realizes how much I love him!

Day 27 I invited another person to church on Easter.  After I got done making my deposit at the bank, I slipped in a service times announcement, hit the send button, and was off and running.

Day 28 I made plans with someone I have been putting off for too long.  I didn't put this person off because of any other reason than not getting around to it.  You happens; it gets in the way of relationships that need to be fostered.  I chose to call this individual and we made plans to visit.  After our visit, I was reminded how being with one another was and is such a great thing, that I know I need to make more of an effort to do so in the future...really, I mean it.

Day 29 I decided to play nice and let another car merge ahead of me.  In the world today, there's too much "me, me, me."  That is nice occasionally, but it can lead to self-centered people who only care about themselves.  I for one do not want to be all about me, but rather, a person who has patience, is kind, and respects others.  I hope my act of kindness this particular day showed this person how great people can be!

Day 30 I gave someone the benefit of the doubt.  I was treated in a way by an individual that left me feeling deflated.  I immediately went into defense mode and started mentally attacking this individual as to why they left me feeling the way they did.  After my internal struggle, I realized maybe this person treated me the way they did because they were having a bad day.  Maybe their dog just died.  Possibly they're going to lose their house.  Or worse, they're living out of their car.  Whatever the reason, we all have bad days where we negatively affect others.  I chose to not take the offense personally and move on.  It sure made my day better.  I hope whatever the reason, this individual has brighter days ahead.

Day 31 I left a note for a sweet older couple I clean for.  These two individuals are genuine, kind, and have hearts of gold.  After cleaning their home, I left a note of thankfulness for them as well as for their business.

Day 32 I wanted to let Lauren's teachers know how much I appreciate them.  I sent them a quick email of my gratefulness for them.  I hope it brought a smile to their faces.  :)

Day 33 I gave my mother-in-law a token of my appreciation for all that she does.  To the never-ending babysitting, to the encouraging Steve and me to go and have date nights, to always being there when we need her...she's the greatest and I'm so appreciative of her.  Hope she enjoys the flowers, but my instinct tells me she'll like the chocolate much better.  :)


  1. Thank you for acknowledging those hard working teachers and grandmas!

    1. They are truly the best EVER! Wouldn't know what to do with them. :)