Sunday, March 1, 2015

Days #9, #10 & #11

Day nine was awesome!  I had a full punch coffee card at Dutch Bros.  When I pulled up to order my coffee, I placed my order and gabbed with the barista for a bit.  Dutch Bros. seriously has the BEST employees EVER!  Always friendly, encouraging, and ready to start your day off with a smile.  After receiving my coffee, I handed my full card to the barista.  I told him to give this card to the person behind me.  He smiled and told me I was "rad!"

Day 10 was fabulous!  I had the opportunity to reconcile a relationship that has been full of misunderstanding and hurt for too long.  I sat down with this individual and spoke about how forgiveness is what's most important to move us along.  We both had faults that caused pain, but it wasn't about pointing those faults out once again.  It was simply forgiving one another for the portion that caused the other pain, and to happily move on and enjoy each day together.  I thank our Dear Lord for the opportunity of forgiveness.  It's far too easy to sit back in my comfortable zone and continue to stay angry, hurt, and mostly...justified.  But I see what He did for us sinners and how we don't deserve an ounce of what He's given us.  I thank Him for the peace and courage He gave me about this situation and that I am capable of forgiveness too.  And the greatest part?  He showed me where I was wrong! That in itself is a miracle!!

Day 11 came through without getting caught this time!  I placed an encouraging note on someone's car AND got a picture without being seen...YAY!  I hope the person that received my note realized someone cares for them and their day was fantastic!