Sunday, March 1, 2015

Monster Jam Mayhem

Saturday Steve and I took the kids to Monster Jam.  The older kids had never been, so on our way to the Idaho Center, we were explaining all of the details to them: how loud it is, what the trucks do, why your hearing protection is a need not a want, and even described what they might do at intermission.

As we took our seats, the announcer asked everyone to stand for the National Anthem; something about that flag and song gets me teared up every.single.time.  We sat down and waited for the trucks to start their engines.  And we all knew when they did!  They raced into the arena one by one as their introduction was announced to the crowd of screaming fans and waving flags!  The kids automatically perked up in their seats.  Dillon looked at the big beep-beeps with such amazement!  

Ten minutes into the show, Dillon had enough.  He could no longer stand the ear protection, the stimulation, nor was he a fan of the beep-beeps any longer.  Steve got up with him and left...he went home with him.  :(

The rest of us stayed, but not without a few melt downs.  Lucas and Lauren had to use the bathroom...twice.  They were all hungry, but I wasn't about to spend $10 on a bag of popcorn.  I promptly handed them each a banana...they frowned.  And Lucas decided he was thirsty and needed the drinking fountain...three times.  After a few more go-rounds of the track, I gathered the crew and exited the building; Steve was waiting for us in the parking lot.

Maybe the Hayes family will wait until our bladders grow and our tongues don't thirst as much until we venture off into Monster Jam again. :)

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