Sunday, July 26, 2015

Beth Moore

Friday evening I attended a Beth Moore Living Proof Conference with two of my girlfriends.  I have read a few of Beth's books and have seen her on TV, but have never experienced her conference before.  The conference was the evening of Friday and wrapped up on Saturday morning held at the Century Link Arena in downtown Boise.
Over 3,200 women decided to attend as well.  It was a gathering to speak the name of Jesus, to know Him, and to learn how to let others know about Him as well.  It was a few days of spiritual re-fueling getting my spirit with the Lord re-centered...oh how I've missed Him.
With the busyness of summer with work, kids' schedules, etc., I have put my spiritual time with Him way down on the list.  This conference re-lit my flame.  I loved listening to Beth speak about how wonderful our God is and how He's so full of grace and love for each of us.  During worship music, it was hard to not get emotional looking around and viewing 3,200 other women gathering together for one purpose.  I felt so blessed to be in the arena with these ladies who all have a love for God so fierce and bold.  I was deeply touched by Beth's words for each of us.  Words I will be able to hold onto, and walk with the knowledge that I am saved, by nothing other than grace alone...not by acts of service for others, being able to keep a tidy house, or even by the meals I serve my's simply by His grace that I am set free.  What an amazing gift, isn't it?
Thanks girls for attending with me.  I'm so blessed to have friends in Christ who love and support me for who I am.  Thank you.  :)
And Grandma Collie, thank you for watching the boys!

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