Monday, July 27, 2015

Bogus of a Day

Our Sunday was spent driving up to Bogus Basin to check out the trails.  The boys and I loaded into the car and headed up to the resort.  Steve found a small trail that looked good.  The boys got out of the car and it was if they had been set free!  Lucas wanted to take charge of Rusty, so he held his leash.  On our trek, we spotted a big tractor on the side of the trail.  The boys were in heaven!  After about 30 minutes of climbing a hill that seemed to never end, we finally reached the top.  Rusty was pooped out: tongue dangling out of his mouth pooped!  We explored the mountain side for a bit before heading back to the car.  Dillon decided to run full speed down a small dirt road.  Yep, he fell.  Got both knees scraped up and gave himself an "owie" on his hand; it was very dramatic (a nap was missed, contributing to the dramatic episode).
We thoroughly enjoyed our time together as a family.  I sure do love my time with them.  :)

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