Thursday, July 23, 2015

Lagoon Adventure

This past weekend, the girls and I drove to Layton, Utah to have a fun few days.  My dad and Kathy hosted a great Lagoon trip!
The girls and I loaded our things into the car and set out for the four hour and 45 minute drive.  With the new speed limit set to 80, it seemed like we were there in no time.  
When we arrived, we checked into our hotel.  The girls had to break in the room by jumping from bed-to-bed.  The mom in me wanted to tell them to stop, but I remember being their age on vacation and doing the same thing on the hotel beds, so I zipped my lips and let them jump.

The morning of our Lagoon adventure, it was raining pretty good.  I looked up the weather at 9:30 and it showed rain and lightening through 3 pm.  Our dreams were shattered at that point.  I called Lagoon and the lady said they were still opening at 11.  We headed to Target on our way out and grabbed sweatshirts for the girls.  Who thought to pack them for our trip when it's 90 degrees outside in the middle of summer?  Not this mom.

When we arrived at Lagoon, the rain magically decided to stop and the sun came out.  It was perfect!  Within minutes, the girls had their mom, who's terrified of roller coasters, standing in line to board one.  My hands were sweaty, my heart was racing, and I plain just wanted to cry.  I had a little talk with myself, persuaded myself to just do it - live a little and have some fun.  I did just that, but I didn't have an ounce of fun. I sat next to a 10 year-old boy who said he lives for coasters.  As the coaster pulled away, he looks over at me and smiles.  It took every ounce of my being to smile back.  I really wanted to ask him what he was so darn happy about, then I realized I was the problem in this equation, so I smiled back.  As we inched our way up the rails, I took a deep breath.  How on Earth did I cherish these moments as a child?  I had no fear when I was the girls' age.  But now?  Completely different story.  As the coaster slammed my body through the tracks, I clenched my teeth, squeezed my eyes shut, and gripped the bar in front of me.  I was miserable to say the least.  After another two to three terrifying hills on that track, I was ready to exit this machine.   After I met up with the girls, all I could see were smiles a mile long on their faces.  They asked me how I liked it.  I simply said I hated every second of it...and smiled.

The rest of the day was spent chasing the girls from ride-to-ride.  I occasionally sat with my dad and Kathy while the girls went on rides I wanted no part of.  There were several rides in the Kiddie Cove area that were perfect for me; the girls obliged and rode with along with me.

We of course HAD to stop and eat at In-N-Out on our way back to the hotel.  Oh, I really wish Idaho would bring one of those our way.  

The three days spending time with my dad and Kathy and the girls was much needed.  I enjoyed the mini-vacation away. Oh, and did I forget to mention how beautiful Utah is?  Their mountains are gloriously breathtaking!

Thank you Dad and Kathy for a wonderful get-away!

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