Wednesday, August 26, 2015

First Day of School

Ahh...the first day of school -  every mom's dream come true, right?   It's okay, you can admit it.

Lucas started his third year of pre-school at Challenger.  This is his last year before kindergarten.  He is one of the oldest kids in his class (he has a late birthday).  I love seeing how confident he has become with his peers.  When he first started pre-school, he would barely speak.  Now, he's leading all his friends on the playground and inside of the class.  Excited for the year ahead of him!

Lauren started 4th grade at North Star Charter.  She has attended NS since 1st grade.  She loves her school...and so do I.  It is such a challenging and rewarding school.  Lauren continues to be the loving, social, and outgoing little lady she has always been; never hard for her to make friends.

Juliebelle is a big 8th grader at Heritage Middle.  She's at the top of the totem pole at school this year.  She went to North Star the last three years, but decided on the change for 8th grade.  She's active in cheer, can do a back flip like nobody's business, and is getting more beautiful every passing day.  She, like Lauren, never has a problem making friends.  Oh, and her sense of style.  She blows it out of the park...every single outfit!

Anthony.  Of course he wasn't present for picture day.  What 14 year old boy wants his picture taken?  Certainly not my son.  He's a whopping 9th grader at Rocky Mountain High School this year.  He too went to North Star last year, but decided to switch it up for his freshman year.  He, like his sisters, are very social and have zero issues making friends.  I truly am blessed, from a mom's perspective to have such social children.  He's loving school already and has promised to maintain good grades; he wants to be enrolled in driver's training.  Uh-oh, makes this mamma nervous thinking about him driving.

Dillon has four more months before he starts pre-school.  Yeah, I can't believe it either!  He will be three and hopefully potty trained by then.  He'll join big brother at Challenger.  They may even play together on the playground.  Lucas has specified when Dillon starts school, "He will NOT be in my class Mom, he'll be in the baby class."  I assured Lucas he will indeed NOT be in your class.  :)

Excited for a wonderful school year for all my babies.  Here's to a great 2015-2016 school year!

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