Friday, October 9, 2015

Stay-At-Home-Mom Returns to Work

I have some great news to tell you, my dear readers!  No, I’m not retiring from my column.  And no, I’m not pregnant either.  What is it?  Well, brace yourselves.  Drumroll please…I got a job!  Yeah, so exciting I know!  Oh wait, you say I’m so indecisive?  I already made my mind up in previous posts that I knew where I belonged and it was at home with my babies?  Yeah, let’s forget I said all of that stuff.  I mean, I did utter such words, and then typed them down for all to read, but I hope you’ll join me in forgetting such words were even typed.

             As you are aware, I was a stay-at-home momma for a lot of years.  I had dabbled in the idea of going back to work in the “real world” and it just didn’t sit well with me.  I went to several job interviews a year or so ago and turned them down; I wasn’t ready to be away from my kids.  I felt immense guilt for leaving them while I worked outside of the house.
            Fast forward from that year-or-so ago.  I was casually browsing Facebook when I saw a friend post something about her dental office needing a new assistant in a pediatric office.  Um what?  Did you say a pediatric office?  And did you also say dental assisting?  Well hello there!  I have 15-plus years in pediatric dental assisting – I was ecstatic!  My heart skipped a beat!  As I further investigated the job situation, I quickly learned the job was 10 minutes from my house, I’d be working with a gal I’ve known for many, many years, and, the hours allowed me the ability to have a four-day weekend - ample time to spend with my family.
            I dusted off my resume and promptly turned it in.  I received a call from the office manager that the doctor was requesting an interview from me.  What?  The doctor was interested in my resume?  The one where it has a five- to- six-year gap in it?  Yes, he sure was.  I was elated!  I promptly replied and said I’d be there for the interview.
            A few days leading up to the interview I got cold feet-frostbite cold.  I started feeling guilty about leaving my kids.  How would they make it in this world without me by their side?  I went back and forth in my mind until the night before I was supposed to go in.  At that point, I knew calling the doctor to decline would look very unprofessional, and I couldn’t show my work ethic as anything other than professional.  So rather than do that, I forced myself to endure the interview. 
            After I left the interview that day, I sat in my car and melted a bit; a few tears were also shed (I cry about everything).  I had never in my life felt so at ease with a decision I had made.  I sat in golden silence for a while before driving off.  I reflected on what would have happened if I had allowed myself to pass up on the interview.  As the engine hummed, I put the car in drive and headed home feeling on top of the world with a hefty grin on my face.  The way my interview went, I knew for sure I had landed the job.
            It took the doctor a few long days to get back to me.  In that timespan of only a few days, I started to doubt my work ability.  I even doubted I was going to get offered the position. What if I didn’t get a call for the job because the doctor and staff didn’t like me?  All thoughts pointed to a negative outcome, so much so that I had settled on never receiving a call granting me the opportunity to accept the position.  Instead, I sulked, believing I didn’t possess the skills to properly hand the doctor a mouth mirror.  Guess diaper duty is as far as my talents will take me.
            Low and behold I received the call I had been waiting for.  The Dr. stated how he loved my resume, greatly appreciated the thank you card I mailed after my interview, and said how much the staff enjoyed having me for the day.  My anxiety was building…I had a feeling the next sentence would be, “But I’ve hired another person for the position.”              
            Hold on to your hats, readers.  Instead, he informed me that he’d love to bring me on as a new employee.  Um, HOLLA’!  (I’m over 30…can I say holla’ and still be cool?)  Yeah, so holla’, I landed the job!  I was so thrilled!
            Fast forward to today.  I love my job.  I must say it was one of the best decisions I’ve made, unlike those tattoos and that old boyfriend.  I made the personal decision to go back to work because it worked for our family.  I realize I may get some stay at home moms that are secretly jealous and others who want to shank me, but that’s the beauty of doing what works best for your individual family; you do it because it works for you and you alone.                                               
            At the end of the day, I can say I am at true peace to not only have my amazing purpose as my kids’ mom, but also as an employee who works to the best of her ability.  I feel very blessed to have the best of both worlds. Now what am I going to do with my paychecks I get monthly?  Hire a housekeeper and chef, of course.  Now that I’m a working mom, I don’t possibly have time to do those tasks myself…I’m going to get shanked now, aren’t I?

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  1. Where are the updated blog posts for the Hayes family? I demand current photos!!
    Also, where are you working again?? Let's chat soon! ~Sarah